The art of deconstructing a book • Paeony Lewis

Whilst exploring the theme of suburban territory, I experimented with deconstructing books. Although initially it may feel wrong to cut up a published book, in reality it is another form of recycling, using ‘found objects’ to create art.

At Oxfam, I discovered a 1947 British gardening book that with post-war fervour stressed the physical and chemical control of the garden against alien interlopers (including nature). Using the synergy of words and images found solely within the book, I emphasised the controlling nature of gardening, and then displayed the deconstructed book on a stand representing locally-observed territory.

Sketching people, gestures and body language • Paeony Lewis

I've come to realise that when sketching people, what draws me are the body language and gestures made between people and objects, or between people. The interaction. Here are a few from my fledgling sketchbooks.

Zoo sketches • Paeony Lewis

I thought, let's go to the zoo, but... Although good zoos have a role to play in conservation and animal study, when I'm there I feel uncomfortable viewing caged animals. I didn't stay until closing time.

And this summer...