Zoo sketches • Paeony Lewis

I thought, let's go to the zoo, but... Although good zoos have a role to play in conservation and animal study, when I'm there I feel uncomfortable viewing caged animals. I didn't stay until closing time.

Bored, black-footed penguins

Adult African Spoonbills.
I liked the way they seemed to communicate with their beaks.
And below is a new hatchling (already huge).

Slender-tailed meerkats. I have a bit of a thing for inquisitive meerkats

Ring-tailed lemurs. Like the meerkats, they huddle together when it's cold.

And this summer...
Perhaps sketching animals in the wild is preferable to zoos,
but the human influence is inescapable.
Here is a seal I spotted  this summer at Horsey beach on the Norfolk coast,
trapped by a large plastic frisbee.
Why is this plastic toy still being manufactured and sold?


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