Sketching people, gestures and body language • Paeony Lewis

I've come to realise that when sketching people, what draws me are the body language and gestures made between people and objects, or between people. The interaction. Here are a few from my fledgling sketchbooks.

Cafe Nero, cliched contrast. Slouching vs upright chair.

Always looking down.

Couldn't resist the eager woman with her dog pulling one way
 and the man who wants to escape the conversation.

However sketchy, I enjoy the interaction of adult and child.

Sometimes gestures can be subtle.
Just the upward turn of the head and downward side glance.

Here, legs and shoes interact with hand luggage on the London underground.


  1. Love the last one, Legs & Shoes, focusing on one part of the body, may be the less noble part which often gets dismissed. What do we do with feet, legs when we sit ? They have a life of their own as if they are too much for the rest of the body ! My own interpretation of your drawing, Paeony !


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